GamCare awards Playtech the B2B Safer Gambling Standard

Gaming provider Playtech has received GamCare’s B2B Safer Gambling Standard, becoming the first gambling industry incumbent to receive the newly created certification.

Playtech’s casino product and platforms licenced in Great Britain were the primary reason for the firm’s accreditation, in addition to its ‘Sustainable Success’ business strategy and its implementation of an external Stakeholder Advisory Board.

These operations and policies were recognised by GamCare as ‘examples of good practice’ with regards to the safer gambling approach employed by the FTSE250 company.

Additionally the ‘Playtech Project’ – which brings together the firm’s range of safer gambling and compliance technology, tools, services and solutions and its own BetBuddy offering to provide a range of industry solutions – was also highlighted.

“Through our industry leading products and services we have always worked closely with our licensees to help raise industry standards in responsible business and safer gambling,” said Richard Bayliss, Senior Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Manager at Playtech.

“Since 2018, we’ve increased our strategic focus by working with academics, charities and thought leaders inside and outside the gambling sector to deliver our Sustainable Success commitments.

“We’re extremely proud to be the first B2B company to get GamCare’s B2B safer gambling accreditation and we are pleased that GamCare has recognised our efforts to put safer gambling at the heart of what we do. We know we must continue to challenge ourselves and work with others to identify and develop new products and solutions to meet the needs of customers, licensees and regulators.”

GamCare introduced the Safer Gambling Standard as an independent quality standard to assess the safer gambling measures implemented by betting industry businesses, and recognise the companies ‘that put customer protection at the forefront of their operations’.

Hayley Jane Smith, Head of Safer Gambling Standards in GamCare, added: “Playtech was awarded Advanced level Two, of Three, of our B2B Standard for its casino product and platform operations licensed in Great Britain as the Company demonstrated a clear focus on continuing to develop and improve its approach to safer gambling in respect of products supplied to gambling operators.

“Playtech’s focus on safer gambling was tested through an in-depth review of its governance, product design, innovation and staff training as well conducting interviews with staff and management at all levels. We look forward to continuing to work with Playtech on the ongoing development of its safer gambling approach and the assessment of its other B2B business operations.”

The announcement follows the publishing of Platech’s H1 2021 report, in which the firm identified the completion of a number of positive objectives in the initial half of yearly trading, citing ‘very strong online growth’.


Learn How to Gamble Responsibly in A Casino

The online casino guide is a type of entertainment that may be a lot of fun. You will gain if you win. However, this should not be a primary objective. You should constantly have fun when playing. If you go to a land-based casino with your friends or partner, you will have more fun. You might have a good time with them even if you lose.

Even though a casino might be amusing, it is also true that if you are not careful, you will quickly become addicted. Here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind while gambling.

Casino should never be considered as a source of income:

If you’re short on cash, figure out a means to get some. Because a casino is a business, it will be beneficial to you if you are the owner. Gambling was created with the intent of profiting from gamblers. So, keep this in mind.

If you see pictures of large winners clutching big checks with enormous sums written on them, remember that a lot of people lost money so that guy could win. You’re more likely to be the underachiever than the high achiever. Don’t get your hopes up on getting that big check. It will not take place.

Never risk more than you can afford:

It’s your petrol money, groceries money, or money to pay off your phone bill that you’re gambling with. You should always risk with your ‘extra’ money. Consider how you’ll feel if you don’t have any money before you go out and bet. If you’re sad, don’t waste your money on gambling.

Limit the amount of money you spend on gambling:

Set a restriction on how much you can use in advance. If you’ve lost that much money, it’s time to stop gambling. Never exceed your daily use limit. If you can’t do it, withdraw your money from the ATM ahead of time and leave your ATM card or any credit cards at home before you go gambling. Use only the money you’ve decided to spend on the casino.

Limit the amount of time you spend in the casino:

Before going to a land-based casino, set a time restriction for yourself. Allowing gambling to interfere with your life is not a good idea. Make sure you leave early enough for any obligations you may have, or arrive home early enough to get adequate sleep before going to work.

Stick to your weight-loss goal:

If you lose money that you had set aside for casino gambling, leave the casino. When you go over the edge in an attempt to reclaim what you’ve lost, you risk losing a lot more.

If you’re depressed, don’t play:

If you’re gambling with negative feelings, it’ll be difficult for you to make good decisions. If you’re sad, angry, or lonely, don’t make things more difficult for yourself by gambling because it may impact your decision-making.

Tips For Better Gambling – How to Gamble Responsibly

You’ll frequently read stories about the need of gambling responsibly. Nobody, however, explains how to accomplish it. In this essay, I’ll offer some advice on the subject. Check this article for more info about How to Gamble Responsibly.

Do your homework and learn everything you can.

Take charge of your own destiny. Read up on the game you’re about to play and become familiar with it. There are numerous websites that provide reviews of various online casinos. You could lose money if you don’t understand the rules and terms and conditions.

Shop around for the best deal.

As previously stated, there are numerous casino review sites on the internet. This also implies that there is a plethora of online casino providers. Compare prices to find the best deal. Choose a reliable online casino that has been around for a while, employs reputable software, has the greatest odds, and is regulated.

Make sure you understand how the welcome bonuses operate before you sign up. Get a thorough explanation from their Customer Service department.

Just because an operator appears in the top ten results of your search does not indicate they can be trusted. Simply put, it means they spend a lot of money on marketing.

Establish a bankroll.

The term “bankroll” simply refers to the quantity of money you will be using to play with. Your bankroll should be money left over after you’ve satisfied all of your monthly obligations (including money for savings and investments), not money from rent or any other source. Remember that gambling is a kind of entertainment, not a means of making a quick buck. That way of thinking will land you in problems and almost certainly result in you losing everything. Also, don’t compare your money to the magnitude of someone else’s. The size of your bankroll is decided by your personal financial circumstances.

Set a time limit for the session

To preserve your wallet, it’s critical to set limitations for yourself. It’s pointless to put everything on the line. Playing with a maximum of 10% of your bankroll is the most pleasant option; however, playing with 5% is the more sensible one. You can safeguard your bankroll by using this “plan” even if a particular session goes bad and you wind yourself on a losing run. Your session limitations should always be determined by the size of your bankroll.

Allow me to explain. If you choose a 5% strategy and your bankroll is $500, you will only be able to play with $25 during the session. If you lose the session, you’ll have $475 in your bankroll for the following one. That means your next session will be worth 5% of your total bankroll of $475.

Make a strategy.

Just because you’ll be investing a little portion of your bankroll in your session doesn’t mean you can play recklessly. Planning your session is a smart strategy to make the most of and safeguard your money. Divide the percentage you chose into several equal portions. You will be able to spend more time playing blackjack, roulette, and slots as a result of this.

Set a budget.

Despite the fact that gambling is a game of chance, you should attempt to avoid relying on Lady Luck. Make a budget for your gaming time. This is something that the most successful players do. Plan your job and work your plan, as previously stated. Stick to your budget and stick to it rigidly. Don’t let greed or emotions dictate how you play the game.

Recognize when it’s time to call it a day.

Setting a limit for yourself will almost always boost your bankroll in the long run. Recognize when it’s time to call it a day. Decide whether you want to stop your session based on the proportion of your bankroll you want to win or the percentage you are willing to lose. Have you heard the phrase “plan your work and work your plan” before? This is especially true in this case.

Make the most of your opportunities.

Choose the appropriate games to play. Even while slots and video poker look to be more fun, blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, and baccarat provide superior odds of winning. They are entirely dependent on chance. Playing slots with the expectation of winning the jackpot is a bad idea. If you win, consider yourself extremely fortunate. Set goals that are both attainable and realistic.

Gambling is, and always will be, a game of chance. There is no approach or procedure that will guarantee 100% success. Following these suggestions, on the other hand, may result in better online gambling experiences and outcomes.